Sell with us!

Sell with us!


Bizarre Bazaar stocks a mixture of high end archival designer, vintage, streetwear, hype gear, independent and new school designer pieces. We have everything from S/S 2019 Chanel tweed shorts (with tags!) to garments from emerging New Zealand designers barely out of fashion school. 

We are always on the lookout for special, exotic, rare, coveted, designer, vintage, one-of-a-kind, eccentric, eclectic or unusual clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes, bags etc. 

We're also into quality leather and fur, vintage denim, "remake" fashion, retro, y2k, rave wear, evening gowns, that wild hand-painted jacket you spent a small fortune on, but have never felt brave enough to wear out...

Don't be shy- your clothes don't have to be out-the-gate-insane for us to accept them; sometimes nothing beats a great staple leather jacket, pair of 501s or silk shirt.

We're open-minded, and curious- show us what's hiding at the back of your closets!

Art, curiosities, salacious coffee table books, crazy Supreme collabs, and other non-wearable objects of desire will be also be considered.

Swing by the shop for a chat and a free appraisal, slide up in our DMs or message us through the contact form with any queries.


How it works:


Earn cash or store credit from your unloved or under-appreciated gems.

Bizarre Bazaar will authenticate, photograph and price your garments for you, giving them high profile exposure through both our physical space and cyber store.

As New Zealand's freshest, most cutting-edge retail experience, BB will showcase your clothing in an exciting and innovative environment, without the clutter or congestion of many other consignment stores.

We sell on your behalf, taking a 50% commission after GST. 

Commission on higher priced items (eg over $1000) can be negotiated.

If you choose to be paid out for your items in store credit, you will receive a slightly higher commission of the sale price. 

We generally do not buy items outright, however if we do, please keep in mind that you will be offered less than you would have earned through consignment. 


Step 1. Bring your items in

There is a loading zone directly outside the store, at 100 Tory Street.

If you live outside of the Wellington region, contact us to organise a complimentary tracked courier pick up. 

For larger consignments, we offer an in-home appraisal/ collection service, however this is subject to availability, and cannot be guaranteed. These appointments can only be made outside of opening hours, and consignors must live within the Wellington region. 


Step 2. Initial appraisal

Wherever possible, we will go through your items with you on the spot, and discuss how much you can expect to receive for them once sold. This only serves as an estimate, and is still subject to change, after further research and closer inspection of items for any flaws (eg missing buttons, damaged zippers etc).

All items must be clean and in good repair.


Step 3. Pricing

Once your clothing has been processed, an itemised pricing list will be emailed to you. Items will usually be processed within 2 working days.

If you have any queries regarding pricing, you must contact us as soon as possible. If we do not hear back from you, items will be put out for sale. 

We will usually return any unaccepted items at the point of drop off, however if we do not have the time to go through them on the spot, or later discover a flaw/ fault that means we are not able to sell something, this email will also advise you of any pieces we cannot accept. 

You then have the option to collect these, or have them donated to charity. Unaccepted items will only be held for 14 days, after which they will be donated. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to store your returns longer than this.

Please do not be offended if we do not accept your clothing- it's nothing personal. We are only a small store with limited capacity. 

We cannot accept any replica/ inauthentic designer items or fast fashion labels.


Stock cycle:

General stock (excluding high end designer, archival pieces or very high priced items) will be at full price for the first 6 weeks in store, after which it will be reduced to 25% off if it has not sold.

After a further 6 weeks in store (12 weeks in total), any unsold items will be discounted to 50% of their original price.

After 6 weeks at 50% off (at the end of an item's 18th week in store), any unsold items will become the property of Bizarre Bazaar. Unsold clothing will be donated or resold at our sole discretion. 

High end designer items will not go through this cycle, and will not be discounted without express permission from the consignor. As we recognise that particularly rare, highly priced pieces often take longer to sell, as they require the 'right' person to find them, we are happy to keep these items in store until they sell. 

Your clothing remains your property until it sells, and you are welcome to collect unsold garments at any point before they expire. 



You will receive 50% after GST of the proceeds from your sold items.

You can either claim these funds, or put them towards future purchases at Bizarre Bazaar. 

Payment can be made in-store via eftpos refund, or via Paypal or bank transfer at your request. We do not pay out in cash. 

Any funds not collected after two years will expire.

If you have opted to be paid out for items sold in store credit, this credit will not expire. 


Terms and Conditions:

By leaving your clothing with us, you are accepting the following terms of sale. 

1. Clothing will only be taken into stock on the basis that the owner accepts all risk of loss or damage (including shoplifting) while their clothing is with us. Bizarre Bazaar will treat your clothing with a high level of care and conscientiousness, however unfortunately we cannot always prevent these occurrences.

2. We ask consignors to take sole responsibility at all times for keeping in contact with Bizarre Bazaar to determine if your clothing has been accepted, sold, reduced in price, for collecting any payments due and uplifting any unsold items that you may want back before their expiry date.