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Gaultier Jean's

Lace print opaque mesh t-shirt

Lace print opaque mesh t-shirt

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Stretchy opaque lace-print mesh t-shirt by our lord and saviour, Jean Paul Gaultier

Circa 1990s

Size 48- I believe this was intended as part of their men's Gaultier Jean's line, however the size equates to NZ femme size 10-12/ Masc size Small- second skin tight on a Medium

Made in Japan

8.5/10 condition, excellent considering its age, however you will have to be mindful with it when wearing jewellery, partying hard etc, as the nylon is delicate and prone to snagging

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Meet the Model: Kiran

Chest- 92cm/ 36 ¼ inches
Waist- 76cm/ 30 inches
Hip- 81cm/ 32 inches
Height- 174cm/ 5 ft 7

Your stylistic influences/ inspirations at the moment?

Shock horror- a twink saying Y2K and Campy 90s horror!

I think it’s also fair to say the drag scene has been driven really hard by archival and current Mugler lately… And honestly? It's hot.

Also, awful graphic tees- something about them is so trashy and cheesy… love.

How do you spend your days?

When I’m not at my 9-5, I spend my days reading, sewing, doing drag, and painting. Which makes me sound a little geriatric, but it's thrilling anyways.