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Gaultier Jean's

Velvet flocked 90s club kid blood splatter top

Velvet flocked 90s club kid blood splatter top

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Gaultier Jean's v-neck long sleeve top with velvet flocked blood splatter detailing

Incredibly iconic and sought after piece

Circa mid to late 1990s (I want to say 1997?)

8/10 condition- very minor wear to the velvet flocking, however it is in pretty astounding condition for a garment of its age

Fabric composition tag has faded, but it feels like cotton

Same with the size tag, but it fits NZ femme size 6-8 perfectly

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Meet the Model: Maia

Maia-te-oho Holman-Wharehoka
Ngäti Haupoto, Ngäti Moeahu, Te Àtiawa, Taranaki, Ngäti Whakaue, Te Arawa.

Your current style influences/ inspirations?

My style has always been a gender bender mix of femme and masc, growing up tomboy and finding my feminine side later in life. I grew up with heavy influences from all facets of music; 70s classic rock, 80s pop, 90s hiphop and RnB, musicians were my first look into the possibilities of fashion.

If I was to pick a favourite designer, it would have to be THE Jean Paul Gaultier. The colours, the textures, the patterns and my obsession with 90s fashion in my teens ultimately led me to JPG Spring '94. OBSESSED. However, I grew up middle-lower class and could only dream to own designer pieces, so I improvised and became obsessed with opshopping. 99% of my wardrobe is secondhand, which, in itself, creates an eclectic collection that showcases the chaos that is my 'style'.